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I'm Here to Support You on Your Ascension and Healing Journey

Hello, beautiful soul!

I am Monica and passionate about helping you find balance, peace, and flow in your life! I know how it feels when it seems like your healing journey has come to a standstill or isn’t flowing smoothly but I am committed to using my abilities as a Psychic and Multidimensional Reiki Master to help your energetic body go into a state of alignment.  As a result, you will experience more clarity and forward motion and truly feel empowered to create the life that you have been seeking and seeing.

Are you ready for a change? Let’s connect and help you find the state of balance, harmony, and connection with your source and your guides that you’ve always known was possible!   

Please note that I also take payment through Venmo, CashApp, and Square. Please email me for these options, as you can’t book your session directly through Calendly this way.

Featured Offerings

“Monica has a gift for immediately understanding where imbalances are and then powerfully assisting any energetic blocks to be cleared.”


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