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I'm Here to Support You on Your Ascension and Healing Journey

Hello, beautiful soul!

I am so happy to connect with your energy!  I know how it feels when it seems like your journey has come to a standstill or isn’t flowing smoothly.  I am committed this lifetime to using my abilities as an Intuitive/Psychic, Multidimensional Reiki Master and Quantum Healer to delve into unseen realms, providing guidance, clarity and alignment to your path and energetic body.  As a result, your personalized reading and/or energy session will help you experience a more forward motion and truly feel empowered to create the life that you have been seeking and seeing.   I am passionate to help you find balance, peace, and flow in your life!  

I am so looking forward to our time together.

Are you ready for a change? Let’s connect and help you find the state of balance, harmony, and connection with your higher self and your guides that you’ve always known was possible!   

By requesting a reading and/or scheduling an appointment and/or having a session with Monica, you understand and are agreeing that Monica is not a medical professional, attorney, accountant or other licensed professional.

Any information or advice given by Monica is not to be used by you in place of any medical, legal, tax or financial advice or diagnosis from qualified and licensed professionals in those fields.

Any Energy Work and Reading is to share information only, what you choose to do or not do with that information is your responsibility. Readings by Monica are intended to offer insight into your personal life and do not in any way constitute medical, legal, tax or financial advice.​

Featured Offerings

“Monica has a gift for immediately understanding where imbalances are and then powerfully assisting any energetic blocks to be cleared.”


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